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Standing on the shoulders of giants

I work as a consultant, have done so since 2008. I love to meet new people, get to know different organizations, industries, private, public etc.

There are so many smart people doing great things out there. I love the different perspectives I get from going from place to place. You could say I don’t have grit, moving around so much. But you could also say that I bring new perspectives to the places I go.

The industries are different but it’s always people that are the common denominator. Of course. And people are people, wherever you go.

So the problems and the opportunities are similar. Old structures breeds a resistance to change;

-We’ve always done it this way. -It’s impossible. It’s too complicated.

No, I don’t accept impossible. It’s impossible to bring something back from the dead. That’s impossible, at least for now. But otherwise, nothing is. It’s a matter of slicing the problem. Or redefining it. But it’s not impossible.

Oftentimes it might feel like it, if you’re trying to solve it all by yourself. Get help, get different perspectives, different skill sets. Create an atmosphere where you help each other think. Bring a structured way of problem solving. Define a small experiment to verify if you’re on the right track.

That’s not impossible. It might bring you on the right path. If it does not. At least you learned what not to do.

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